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  INVITED TALK: "Micromanipulation using Novel Optical Traps"

Speaker: Prof. Gabe Spalding, Illinois Wesleyan University, USA.
Place: Risø, OPL Room 108
Time: Friday, 25 June 2004 at 14:00

The ability to manipulate nano-scale structures is clearly at the forefront of current scientific concerns and is also an area that is currently seeing very rapid progress. Optical forces can be highly practical at these scales, offering powerful, non-destructive means of manipulating matter over the full range of mesoscopic R&D, from “optical bottles” for cold atom studies to “optical sieves” for highly selective sorting of biological cells, to “optically-assisted assembly” for organization of large ensembles over macroscopic areas. Here we discuss the creation of such novel optical traps and optical guides, as well as the science such traps have made possible.

Host: Jesper Glückstad (Risø National Laboratory)

INVITED TALK: "Interactive Optical Manipulation in Micro-Fluidic Systems"

Speaker: Senior Scientist Jesper Glückstadt Risø National Lab
Date: June 23, 2004; Time 13.00
Place: Build. 341, Auditorium 23, Danish Technical University, Lyngby, Denmark

At the Optics and Plasma Research Department at Risø National Laboratory we are currently developing a set of new and innovative schemes for state-of-the-art optical micro-manipulation with exciting applications in biotechnology, micro-fluidics, cell research and photonic materials science. We are currently focussing on using our patented optical parallel encoding and modulation techniques for:

· Realising a fully user-interactive optical micro-manipulation system
· Implementing an all-optically facilitated micro-fluidic lab-on-a-chip
· Next generation multi-beam optical trapping fully utilising both the
phase and polarisation properties of dynamically sculpted light fields

Our projects involve strong collaborative research with leading academic and industrial groups in Europe and with a major Japanese photonics research laboratory. An overview of these activities and their international perspectives will be given at the presentation.

Host: Jörg P. Kutter (Dept. of Micro and Nanotechnology, DTU)

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